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YottaHosts Offers VPS hosting free for eCommerce. Instead of pre-installed software, the packages are completely flexible and you as the buyer choose updates, operating systems and any other feature. Guaranteed Uptime allows you to monitor your website's uptime and YottaHosts will give you credit for any unplanned downtime that may occur.

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We offer a variety of server plans for any budget and technical requirements. You can also get a hold of us to create a custom server plan based on your unique needs.

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Why Should You Use NVMe VPS?

NVMe VPS (Virtual Servers) give startups and enterprises the performance needed to handle high-traffic websites and web-based applications.

When you anticipate thousands of visitors each month, week, or day, you need servers that can keep up with the demand on Bandwidth; Disk read/write speeds; Server resources.

Our Linux VPS hosting located in Germany & Russia options give you the back-end support for hosting projects that require more powerful servers.

Your hosting plan includes NVMe SSD drives combined with reliable servers using kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology.

NVMe (Non-volatile memory express) is a type of SSD (solid-state drive) technology that dramatically improves server speeds and eliminates bottlenecks. With a faster NVMe storage solution, the server quickly reads and writes operations.

KVM technology for Linux NVMe VPS turns the Linux OS into a hypervisor for hosting multiple isolated virtual machines. Each virtual server has its own guaranteed resources, offering performance that almost matches dedicated server hosting at a fraction of the cost.

Read more on our blog: Benefits of NVMe VPS Servers

Which VPS Hosting Plan Should You Choose?

At YottaHost, you have a wide range of plans to suit your specific needs. From cheap VPS solutions with single-core processors to eight-core servers with 32GB of RAM, we have something for everyone.

To select the Best VPS based on your needs, consider the following

  • Data loads;
  • Web traffic;
  • Disk space;
  • Budget.

Based on these details, we can help select the right plan for your next IT project. Our experienced team will quickly get your hosting account up and running. We can even configure the OS and control panel of your choice for an extra fee.

Contact our helpful staff for assistance in selecting a plan!